Friday, 3 May 2013

Who is going to overtake?

Looking at those LED screens in broad daylight and reading sales figures out of it, not an easy job...listening to these figures when you know you have R8 waiting for you, to be driven o the BIC F1 track, was even harder...but...I could easily understand the tone of Michael Perschke there...Head of Audi India was talking in such tone which reminded me of BMW, few years back...when they had a point to prove...against Mercedes. His josh was clearly telling us that the company is ready for day was set anyway...first I was going to drive the new R8 V10 plus on track and then change into Jhentalman’s clothes and anchor news till late night...
This duniya of racetracks is very interesting I feel... everyone comes to the tracks with his own idea, agenda, expectations and frustrations...huge spectrum from spiritual to cocky. Small little personal test the car or bike, test yourself...where everything is pushed to the limits...understand what top speed is all about...understand how the car turns, on those sudden corners giving you minor heart attack . but haan this is romantic view of the racetrack...practical view is what we got...all those R8s running in one line ...and apan desi journos line mein...

No doubt this car was fast and powerful..after all it was the new Audi R 8. With 2 door- 2 seater, made especially for speed. They have just launched it...and the exciting car made a little more exciting, with V-10 Plus. Top speed 317 kmph. Price crossing 2 crores...
all these figures are not that exciting if you are driving in line, following the instructor, concentrating on the track -other journos misadventures and not the car...still in parts you do feel coming back to apan ka Indian track..i felt it had something extra to offer...for one was honking behind you J no one came from opposite direction and yes no specially packaged potholes...and yes that day overtaking wasn't allowed anyway 
before saying bye...would  go back to the beginning...Audi’s aggressive strategy has has overtaken BMW...its No 1 Luxury car maker in India now... / krantindtv

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  1. Regarding looks I am attracted towards Cbr 150r and regarding Pick up and Engine Sound I am attracted towards Pulsar 200ns , So according to you which will be the better pick??